This year I will be traveling to the following locations. Dates and locations are always added, so check back often! Please email me as soon as possible to reserve an appointment at any of the cities listed below.

Upcoming Travel Dates:

Hyperspace Studios
Southern Illinois
April 9th-10th

Bohemian Tattoo Club
Kokomo, Indiana
April 12th-14th 2018

Studio 13 Tattoo
Fort Wayne, Indiana
April 16th-18th 2018

Hell City Tattoo Convention
Columbus, Ohio
April 20th-22nd 2018

Flower Of Life Studios
Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
April 25th-26th 2018

NiteOwl Tattoo Mass
Northampton, Massachusetts
April 28th-May 1st 2018

FTS Gallery
Stratford, Connecticut
May 3rd-5th 2018

Unkindness Art
Richmond, Virginia
May 8th-10th 2018

Red Dagger Tattoo
Houston, Texas
May 16th-18th 2018

Art Realm Tattoo
Austin, Texas
May 19th-21st 2018

Faces In The Dark
Kyle, Texas
May 23rd-24th 2018

Tahoe Tattoo Show
Lake Tahoe, Nevada
July 20th-22nd 2018